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It’s no secret that it’s your people who are the cornerstone to business success. What makes your company succeed against even the largest competitors in your industry? It’s the passion and drive that your team members carry through every business interaction. That’s why an engaged and cohesive team is critical to business success. As a locally owned small business, Full Access Tahoe understands the value of the employee as the heart and soul of your business. A well planned team building event can help your people understand company objectives, work together effectively, problem solve and improve employee engagement through HAVING FUN!


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Gallup research shows that worldwide, only 13% of employees are engaged at work—meaning only a small minority of employees are involved, enthusiastic and committed in the workplace. The costs of low employee engagement are high; especially in small business where each employee has a larger impact. Companies with high levels of employee engagement have 12% higher profit, 12% more customers, and 51% less turnover.

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Amazing Race Event

Customized for groups of 6 to 40

2.5 to 4.5 hours total

Like the award winning reality show, this event is fast paced and filled with adventure! Events are held throughout Northern California, Nevada or the greater Lake Tahoe area. Teams leave base camp in one of our top of the line UTVs with a map, digital camera, scorecard and the location of their first Roadblock! Roadblocks are designed specifically for your event allowing you to better achieve your objectives for the day. Tasks can challenge your team mentally or physically ranging from completing puzzles, creatively solving a problem or building towers.

After attempting all tasks, team members reconvene at the base to tally points, announce the winner and share stories from the day! Lunch can be provided before or after the event.

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Amazing Race puzzle
Amazing race rock stack

Feedback About our Amazing Race

“An incredibly fun, memorable experience! Unlike any event I have participated in before.”

Brandon Kundert      Account Executive CCIS

“Today challenged me to think critically and work together with my co-workers from other departments. We will be talking about today for weeks to come!”

Lisa Archuleta            District Manager ADP

“Thank you Full Access Tahoe for putting together this event. The day was seamless from the start and achieved all of what we were looking for and more!”

Will Sheufelt              Sales Executive ADP


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